Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boat Noah Found In Turkey

Narrated, about 4800 years ago, flash floods hit the Earth. Before the disaster that happened, the Prophet Noah - the prophet of three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, given the revelation to make a huge ship - to save mankind and other creatures of Earth.

To prove the truth of the story, the group of researchers from China and Turkey joined in 'Noah's Ark Ministries International' for years to find the remnants of these legendary boats.

Yesterday, 26 April 2010 they announced they had found Noah's boat in Turkey. They claim to find the remains of Noah's boat was at an altitude of 4000 meters on Mount Agri or Mount Ararat, in eastern Turkey.

They even claim made it into the boat, taking photos and a few specimens to prove their claims.

According to the researchers, they took a specimen of carbon age of 4800 years, fits with what is portrayed in history.

If their claims are true, scientists have discovered that Evangelicals most famous ship in history.

"We're not sure 100 percent that this is true Noah's boat, but our confidence is 99 percent," said one team member in charge of making a documentary film, Yeung Wing, such as news pages loaded Turkey, the National Turk, 27 April 2010.

The group consists of 15 persons from Hong Kong and Turkey attended the press conference held last Monday, April 26, 2010.

To the media who were present at the time, they also exhibit a ship suspected of fossil specimens boat of Noah, in the form of mines, nails, and pieces of wood.

As explained by researchers, the mine and allegedly used to nail the wood together until the ship. Mine also used to tie the animals rescued from flood hack - as well as the sectional pieces of wood made to safeguard the animals.

The discovery of this great so ammunition to push the Turkish government to register this site to UNESCO - the UN agencies involved in order to preserve the boat of Noah.

Initially, archaeologists will dig direncananya boat and separate it from the mountain. However, it is not possible, despite the historical value of this discovery is very high.
Mount Ararat, the location of the discovery of Noah's boat
Believed, when the water receded, Noah's boat was on Mt. Although the three major religions preach the miracle of Prophet Noah, there's no explanation at all, where exactly the boat completed the mission.

Since the old local resident who lived in the mountains of Turkey and other cities believe that the boat was Noah on Mount Ararat.

Moreover, the pilot of the plane temput Turkey in a mapping mission of NATO, said she saw a large object like a boat on Dogubayazit, Turkey.

In 2006, as detailed satellite images show objects like ships suspected of Noah's boat is a snow-covered mountain.

Some other experts argue that the remains of Noah's boat to be part of human settlements - the survivors of that flood.

However, researchers who claim the inventor of the boat of Noah denied this. "We have never found a man who lived at an altitude of 3500 meters in the history of mankind."

The weather was very cold at an altitude of 4000 feet by the inventors believed that maintaining the conditions for thousands of years the boat of Noah.


  1. i just know the story from my mother after viewing KAFELA in Channel I and search..Ohhh my GOD.. That is absolutely true..

  2. "Prophet Noah - the prophet of three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism"
    is absolutely wrong because in quran it is revealed to Muhammad (PBUH) that you have been assigned the religion that Nooh preached, and Ibrahim and Musa and Eisa preached to their ummah, to follow, which is hard for Hippocrates. Allah compel those whom HE wants to be HIS, and HE guides those who want to be of HIM.

  3. Prophet Nuh, Ibraheem, Moses, Muhammad, Jesus, Joseph, Ismael, Isaac, just to name of few. We as muslims believe in all of them and what was revealed to them. They all came with the same message. The message is to submit to one God, Allah. He is the Creator, Provider, and Sustainer of All that exists. He is not in need of a son, daughter, or his creation. Instead, his creation needs him. We as muslims love all the prophets and do not differentiate between any of them. There message was the message of unity. In the Quran, Allah mentions how he left Noah's ark as a sign to all of mankind. Just look at the ships we sail today. Where do you think their design came from?? Also, the proof that Noah's ark is left as a sign. Islam is the religion of truth. If you claim to love the truth then I dare you to open the Quran and experience the truth from the ultimate source, your Creator, Allah.

    1. there is no way islam can be the religion of truth. Islam is the religion of destruction, anti-peace, jihad (killing), terrorism, and antichrist as we have all seen in today's generation. Nobody spoke to muhammed, the only being that spoke to muhammed was the DEVIL himself

    2. I feel sad and sorry for you at the same time . To talk about such a great person in such a manner is v dissapointing . I hope instead of being disrespectfull if you came out of your ignorance and just tried to sit with a learned person you would v quickly realise whatever youv ever known is untrue . Truth is out there have you got the guts to find out or you just going to trust what the western media tells you .

  4. It is not a story but history which happens as Allah wishes and on his command. No one can alter it as it is the truth that reveals Allah is one and all the prophets preached this oneness to all the mankind.To whom allah blesses with hidhayat realise it and they have a great responsibility to pray for others hidhayath and indulge in "Dhawat".

  5. it is the merical of Quran.

  6. What was the name of Noah ark? I think it was called "Judy" what you think?

    1. There was no name given to the boat.
      Judi is the mountain on which Nooh A.S. boat stopped.

  7. Thank God that I known you.I love you so much for my life. I hope I can show the real think in Bible. Please forgive me and love me.Amen

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